How to create interest with triangles

Good photography composition is like leading the eye like a dance. Triangles is one way to achieve this. As a compositional tool this has technique has been around since centuries. The idea is to use key elements that form  a shape of triangle. Here are a few pictures that demonstrate this concept.

Jal Mahal” – This picture was taken in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The obvious main idea, dare I call the “Protagonist”, was this beautiful palace in the middle of the lake. One way to frame this photograph is to give this the most prominence in the picture. However to make this a little interesting, the photograph was composed to include the little structures in the side to form a shape of a triangle. Now the eyes can dance between the structures.

Triangles can be applied to pretty much any visual art to create interest.A simple exercise would be to look around and see all the possible triangles (Shapes, People, spaces).

Hope this helps in your photographic journey!

Jal Mahal - (Vouge Italia)

Triangles in Portraiture

Triangles in Storytelling

Extending the concept to Rectangles and Polygons

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